Ruby Structured Text/Dast Gem with middleman extension

Hey all!

I made a dato_dast gem for allowing you to render structured text fields with either simple or complex configuration options. It also includes a middleman extension.

I know there is a lot of node support and more desire for that, but I still love my little red rock.

If you try it out and there are bugs, let me know!


Wonderful - just what I was looking for, thank you.

For novices like myself, do you have a Middleman example project? I’m up and running with basic text rendering and links, but when trying itemLinks, my view gets an bad argument (expected URI object or URI string)

Hello @caleb and welcome to the community!

I think what you are looking for is this: Middleman portfolio - DatoCMS

Thanks @m.finamor but it was more a direct question to @dewyze to see if they had an example project using their extension.

I don’t think the middleman-dato gem supports structured text, so the official DatoCMS example project doesn’t demonstrate how Middleman can use structured text. I otherwise have a working project with modular content.

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