Netlify Build Trigger Not Being Triggered

I have followed all the docs and looked around online but I can’t seem to figure out what I’m missing. I have set up a build trigger and connected it to my Netlify account. I see the build hook and deploy notifications set up in Netlify, I see the build trigger in DatoCMS, but when I publish any new content nothing is being triggered. So I have to manually build the new content.

Am I missing a step to make this automatic?

Hello @jvwagoner and welcome!

No, the build trigger is a manual way to trigger a build, it’s not automatic.

If you want to trigger a build automatically on every publish, you should implement that using the webhooks. Let me know if that makes sense

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Ahh, ok then. I misunderstood what that functionality of the build trigger was. I’ll add some webhooks to automate the build and deploy process.


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