Build Trigger-like UI element for webhooks

We have currently have webhooks setup to automatically kick off static site builds.
However, it would be super useful to have the build trigger UI to display during webhook builds as well. (top right corner displaying if a build is in progress or not)

Currently, the only (hacky) way I can think of to hijack the build trigger UI is:

  • fire webhook to kick off static site build
  • static site build service fires build trigger via api
  • build trigger fires fire dummy url (since its a requirement)
  • when build service is complete, fire successful api call to build trigger.

The above is overly roundabout and a house of cards.

Would it be possible to have a UI element for webhooks like the build trigger UI in the top right admin header?

Perhaps having an option in webhooks to enable success/error callbacks like build triggers.

Or, would it be possible to add more events to build triggers? Eg. draft updates since we have a draft version of the site