Inline icons in Structured Text

Hi there,
I’d like to be able to insert icons inline with text within a Structured text paragraph. How would you suggest I do that?
Namely, I would be using font Awesome for this purpose.
I could go the Custom embed road but I think it’s a bit cumbersome and doesnt exactly render inline within the editor. I’d be happy to use a specific marker such as :face-smile-beam: but would it be the easiest way to catch it at render time (and would it compete with emoji rendering?)

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Hello @jb

I think the best way to do it is as you said, using a marker and then on render-time replacing it for a Font Awesome element. It shouldn’t compete with emoji rendering as well

As a side-note, there is a plugin that gives your editors a nice presentation for font awesome icons, however it is made for stand-alone icons, not in-line icons with structured text. But a similar implementation could be made for a structured text plugin, if you’re interested in developing it: Plugin SDK - Structured Text customizations - DatoCMS Docs