Structured text editor: New formatting options

Hi there

I am using the Structured Text Fields a lot, but i have a question about extendability: Is it possible to add new formatting options? I have looked here: Content modelling - Structured text fields - DatoCMS Docs but it seems like you are only able to choose among predefined formatting options? Specifically i would like to add the option for subscript and superscript (which later should transform into subscript and superscript in my HTML).

Any clues?


Hello @anders2 and welcome to the community!

Sure, you can do so by creating a custom plugin for the structured text field, as documented here: Plugin SDK - Structured Text customizations - DatoCMS Docs

You can then customize the rendering of the structured text field to HTML by using custom node rendering rules with the created marks: react-datocms/ at master ยท datocms/react-datocms ยท GitHub

Thanks - I will check it out