Edit Slug / Child Pages


Think I may be misunderstanding slugs here, but I’d like a way to create child pages and edit the slug to represent that.

For example…

  • Cars (/cars)
    – Audi (/cars/audi)

It doesn’t seem possible to edit the slug to do this, so I’m thinking there’s likely a different approach to doing it?

Any help or advice would be great, thanks!

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For some more information, I am using Gatsby to pull this through, referencing the slug and using createPages.

I presume Gatsby would handle the slug as above instead?

OK - solution found is to create a new field in the model (“Is child page?”) - if this is checked, it will discover the parent slug, add that in and build the full slug.

This was my first experience when using the slug field and tree collections. I expected the slug to represent the tree structure. At least I expected I was able to manually edit the slugs, but you are not allowed to add “/” in them.

I have added a feature request for this. If you a are not satisfied with you workaround please upvote :slight_smile: Slug should represent structure in tree collections

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hello @Zellement and welcome! :slight_smile:

I think the answer to this conversation: Slug should represent structure in tree collections would be useful for you too.

Let me know if you still have doubts!