Domain Hosting location

We just completed a project for a client located in the US. They are a big organization and have very strict measures in place about what can be accessed within their network. They have blocked access to websites/services outside of the US. Right now their marketing department cannot access the admin section of Dato to update the site we developed. The IT department is asking where the domain/services are currently located and hosted. If it is possible to host the domain on a US server?

I also just realized that Dato has an option to use a custom domain to access the admin. If we do that, do you think that it would solve the issue?

hey @jgiraldo you can try with the custom domain if you want, it’s included in every project. If they block based on the domain you should be good to go!

Otherwise our servers are all based in the EU:

We can easily set up a new frontend in the US, but the API calls are always going to hit the EU server.

We can think about a private installation only for you, but we need to discuss about enterprise agreements. If you think that’s the way to go please use this form:

Thank you!