Branch has a model with alphanumeric ids, not sure why?

I ran an import for records in a model on one branch and all the id’s are numeric, when I run the same import in another branch all the ids are alphanumeric. Do you know if I can control this and if so what setting is it? I just want all the branches to be consistent in how the id’s are set, preferably numeric. Thanks.

Here is the numeric way it should be:

Here is the alphanumeric way it should not be in another branch:

Hello @jterry

Every new record will now follow that ID convention:
This is indeed an intentional change we announced a couple of months ago in our updates: Upcoming changes to ID format for new entities in DatoCMS environments and has been rolled out today.

The past IDs should remain static, to ensure that even if you have some hardcoded IDs in your code, they will still be fetchable as always, but new records will follow the new convention.

Let us know if we can do anything to help with the transition