How to convert old numeric id "string" to new uuid format?

Hello, we have collections with both the old id format that were ids as string with numbers, and some with the new format which you call UUID in this article Upcoming changes to ID format for new entities in DatoCMS environments
My question is, is there a way to convert the old number string id’s to the new format? Also, is there an online tool maybe to use to convert an old number string to uuid?
Thanks, here is a screen showing a new record with new id format at the top and the older ones under it. Is there a way to convert those ids either inside datocms or externally?

Hi @jterry,

Sorry, we don’t have a built-in way to “upgrade” your IDs like that. However, the old ones should continue working without issue. Can you please explain why you’d want to do this?

If you really want to change their IDs, I think you’d have to use the CMA to manually duplicate them and then change all the references to them to the new duplicated record :frowning: It’s a bit of a pain: Duplicate a record - Record - Content Management API