WP Import fails with no verbose error

I’m trying to import an existing WP project into dato and the initial part works fine but when it reaches the point to fetch the assets, it crashes with the attached screenshot error.

There are around 450 assets and a much larger set of articles.
Is there a way to know why the crash occurred so I can take remedial steps? Right now, it’s quite unclear as to why it’s failing and I have tried this a few times and ended up in the same situation.

Hello @jude and welcome to the community!

Can you send us an email at support@datocms.com with some details such as your CLI version, the project URL on Dato, and the command you are issuing on the CLI? Thank you!

Just did. Thanks @m.finamor

Hey @m.finamor wasn’t sure if you got the follow up on the support email but dropping it here just in case. Here’s the updated command that I tried and received the following error which wasn’t helping much either.

datocms wordpress:import --ignore-errors --wp-url https://example.com --wp-username xxx --wp-password 'xxx' --api-token xxxx --log-level BODY --concurrency 10 --autoconfirm --ignore-errors

Hello @jude

We just released a new version of the CLI 1.2.1 that solves this issue!
Thank you very much for letting us know :slight_smile:

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Hey @m.finamor,

We’re running into a similar issue, this time when importing a larger production WP instance over to dato. We can see that things have failed but it’s unclear as to why it may have happened, could you help us out here please. Happy to provide the necesarry information.

Just emailed you about this @jude, thank you!