Where can build_trigger_id be found?

I am trying to use the search endpoint but I am not too sure how to get the build_trigger_id.
Could someone maybe expand on what it is and how where to get it from? I know it is mentioned in the documentation but for me it wasn’t too clear.

Making the following request:


Outputs the following error:

	"data": [
			"id": "426176",
			"type": "api_error",
			"attributes": {
				"details": {}

Any help on this would be much appreciated! :pray:

I found that it is a Build Trigger section available in settings:

However, what if I would like to just perform a search within a model by calling the endpoint? Would a GraphQL query be a better solution?

Hello @cristiano,

The build trigger id can be found after selecting the build trigger that has “Site Search” activated, and then copying the numeric sequence on the end of the URL:

I see, that’s helpful thanks Marcelo!