Where are the master files in media stored

I have taken over as sysadmin of a small charity after the previous one stormed out leaving no documentation, and I’m very out of my depth . I think I understand the text side of things, but not the media. When I upload a new file it instantly appears in a Amazon S3 bucket. Is the master image stored there or on a DatoCMS server. I’m worried the AWS stuff will fail. Can I access the images directly from a CMS server. I’d like to backup all the CMS stuff, but while the backup plugin produced a nice json file of the text, the media request just ran for hours doing nothing (we have 21000 images). I can backup the Amazon S3 bucket, but am worried that is been processed in some way.


This is being resolved via a duplicate conversation in email, but for anyone else curious, you can export all your images and other assets using a simple script and the Content Management API: Exporting data and backups — DatoCMS

@administrator1, please do let us know if we can further help with this via email.