When I try to download a video file, I'm meet w/ a page stating: "Serving raw videos is disabled by admin"

Where in the settings does one enable downloading raw videos?

Found the setting under Project settings โ†’ Asset CDN settings โ†’ Video (/project_settings/asset-cdn-settings)

Hi @dbluu,

I just answered your email as well, with some additional details. Just to make sure you see it (because it can affect your billing):

This is a safety mechanism to prevent the accidental serving of raw MP4 files, which can quickly exceed bandwidth limits: Automatic Image Optimization + Block serving raw videos

Normally, we suggest that websites serve the streaming video using our new Video player component instead: A <VideoPlayer /> for everyone โ€” DatoCMS

If you are you sure you want to enable raw video downloads, the project owner can disable it under the โ€œBlock serving URLs for raw video assetsโ€ project setting, but please be sure you understand the effects of doing this (the higher bandwidth costs)

By the way, separate from the video downloads, could I please request that you change your forum username to something other than โ€œdatocms.comโ€? It could be potentially confusing for other users here, since it looks like an official name :slight_smile: Thank you for understanding!

You can edit your username at: https://community.datocms.com/u/datocms.com/preferences/account

(Edit: Or if it wonโ€™t let you because itโ€™s been too long, please let me know what new name you would like, and I can change it for you.)