What is the point of 2 roles in the free plan?

This is a pretty simple question. Why is there different roles in the free tier plan when I can’t assign them to anyone? I have to invite a contributor to assign a role. Is it just there as a demo to show what you can do and you have to upgrade to add a contributor? I’m not complaining just curious if I am missing a feature that I could be using roles for on the free tier. Thanks

hello @hi sorry for the delay here.

You can assign roles also to API tokens, so in your case you could add that to an API token.

I still agree that two are pointless, unless you want to change role attached to the API token.

But yes, I agree. We’ll review the pricing soon and make the free plan a bit bigger, so that you can really use them :slight_smile:

Meanwhile if you want I can offer you a free 30 days trial of the Advanced plan, so that you can try all the features!