Webhook setup for unpublished articles notifications

Hi, I just wanted to check on how to integrate a DATO CMS webhook with a slack app or slack webflow. Do we need to use Zapier? If we do need to use Zapier, I don’t see an established app for DATO, do we use the “Get Slack notifications for new information from a Webhook” option on Zapier? We’re wanting notifications each time someone unpublishes an article without alerting the developers first, so we can stay in the loop in case we need to put in redirects for said unpublished article.

Hello @webguys and welcome to the community!

As you said, the “Get Slack notifications for new information from a Webhook” would indeed be the way to do it, as we don’t have a direct integration with Zapier at the moment.
Simply by creating a webhook that is triggered on an “Unpublish” event, you can set up a notification system that can notify through slack when it happens, on what record it happened, and several other pieces of information of the event that will be carried by the webhook payload.

I have the webhook sending messages to our slack, but need help with the query to bring our key/values dynamically such as “title” and “url”. Could you help suggest proper way to set up our payload?

You can build a custom payload using this syntax: General concepts - Webhooks - DatoCMS Docs
If you’d like, you can send us over an email at support@datocms.com with how when you’d like a webhook to be triggered, on what model, and on what information you’d like the payload to contain and we can try and create a webhook example to send it over to you :slight_smile: