Web Stories Generator that is easily implemented in DatoCMG

I need to implement web stories on my company’s Blog, but I didn’t find any tool that does it well with integration in datocms, do you have any options?

Hello @andersondiassiqueira33 , and welcome to the community!

We don’t have any out of the box integrations with any web stories generator, however you should be able to integrate with any service that provides you with the capability of interacting with it through an API. Then, merging their API with our REST API you should be able to create an integration with any service.

Let me know if you run into any issues or have any doubts during this process.

@andersondiassiqueira33 have you seen also https://www.stackbit.com/ ?

If you are interested we can integrate with them pretty quickly, so that you can have a visual editor on top of DatoCMS.

If that sounds good, please book a call with me here: Calendly - DatoCMS so that we can briefly discuss together if that might work for you?