Using the new gatsby image plugin to download images locally

when using gatsby image plugin with GitHub - datocms/gatsby-source-datocms: Official GatsbyJS source plugin to pull content from DatoCMS
I want to download the images locally so they are loaded from my domain and not from datocms cdn
is that possible?

hey @DatoUser our plugin uses the images on our CDN, it doesn’t help downloading them as we don’t think it’s a great addition. Downloading locally the assets means that you need to perform the transformations at build time, slowing it significantly.

If you want to do that you need to implement it yourself, sorry :frowning:

@mat_jack1 thanks, is it possible to add this as an optional feature? so those users who want to download the images and serve it locally can enable it. thanks

@DatoUser let me discuss it internally, we had a couple issues with that a while ago, but it might be good now!

I’ll get back to you as soon as possible