Using Gatsby-image in markdown from Dato

I would like to use gatsby’s image processing with images in markdown I get from DatoCMS.

I found gatsby-remark-images which seems to only work with local images.
I also found gatsby-remark-images-datocms. Which the results go from less than ideal to not functional. Also doesn’t seem to be in active development. I can’t imagine we’re the only company using DatoCMS with Gatsby with this problem and the only solution is this plug-in.

Any help would be great.

Oh yeah, here is the Github issue I created for gatsby-remark-images-datocms

issue #3

sorry @escmattresscenter we’ll have a look at this as soon as possible and get back to you!

@mat_jack1 This plug-in does not work with Gatsby version 3 or the new gatsby-image-plugin. Any word on updates or any way to avoid using this plugin but, still getting the benefits of Gatsby-image-plugin?

@escmattresscenter could you try with the latest version of gatsby-remark-images-datocms please?