Using CDN URL for my assets

Hi everyone. I am migrating my CMS from WP to DatoCMS. I will migrate the assets but due to SEO reasons, I have to have our own domain in the image URLs. But DatoCMS provides links like that.
But I wanna have is this:
I tried to change the custom domain settings but I wasn’t successful. Is this even possible? Thanks.

Hello @seyda.benzer and welcome to the community!

When it comes to the vanity URL there are a couple of options to do so:

  • You can set up a reverse proxy service with Cloudflare workers to host them in the proxys domain

  • You can set up a custom S3 bucket for the assets on your project Custom AWS S3 storage - DatoCMS

However, as mentioned on that documentation page, you still have to manage and pay for the S3 bucket, a one-time activation fee of 300 euros, and an Imgix instance, so if a custom URL is really the only goal, then another option would be to create a simple reverse proxy for the assets, a possible implementation would be with Cloudflare workers: Guide: How to Reverse Proxy a Webflow project with Cloudflare Workers · Guide: How to Reverse Proxy with Cloudflare Workers.

If you do want to also have control over your imgix instance, and the hosting of the images on the S3, then the custom bucket should be the way to go.