Updating links when article url changes

I have a data type “Article” and within it there is the slug for a url.

Let’s say I have ArticleA that references ArticleB. I have done this by just adding a link in markdown.
Now let’s say I change the url Slug in ArticleB. I would LOVE for ArticleA’s reference to ArticleB to be updated when this change happens

How have folks typically dealt with this?

Do you just create a “Link” model and ask writers to use this rather than the link button on the interface? That seems error prone and confusing to writers.

Seems like this would be a common problem. Hoping there is a best practice on how to handle it

Hello @jp welcome to Community :slight_smile:

Unfortunately if you are using a plain text field we don’t update the links. You should use a link field for that.

Alrighty. Thanks for the response.

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