Updating a plugin?

Hey there, I just threw together a quick plugin for generating Next.js preview links, but I made a few naive mistakes that quickly got me from v0.1.0 to v0.1.2. While it took a while, the DatoCMS plugin marketplace eventually updated to v0.1.2, but my plugin list still shows me at v0.1.0. I don’t see any way in the UI to upgrade it, and I’d hate to have to uninstall and reinstall it, since I’d have to then reconfigure all of my preview JSON fields.

Is there a way to update a plugin to its latest version?

hey @will, you should get the option to upgrade your plugin. Let us have a look at the problem and we’ll be in touch

hello @will

the problem in your case is that the new version has different settings from the old one, so you cannot easily upgrade :frowning:

We need to make this clearer via the interface, but that’s what is happening in your case. Hope this helps!

Very unfortunate, but thanks for the fix. Was able to delete & reinstall, but required me re-setting up all of my data models. It’d be ideal if there was a way to do a user input “migration” where you’re forced to fill out the new form before upgrading. Not sure how complex that would be from y’alls end.

we could try to populate at least the fields with the same names I think, what do you think?

I’m now notified of the “breaking” change on the plugin page:

So that’s an improvement. :clap:

In my case, the only change I made to the plugin was remove an unused field. It’s quite painful to uninstall and re-install a plugin as you need to reconfigure it everywhere. So I’d much prefer it if you would be notified of a breaking change, but could still force update the plugin.

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thank you @jasper for the suggestion. I’ve noted this internally and we’ll surely improve it as soon as possible, but I cannot give you an ETA, sorry

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No problem. I didn’t expect an ETA. Maybe a simpler alternative: allow different versions of a plugin to be installed. That way an admin could check all fields using a plugin and copy all the settings to the new version.

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