Updated Records display error 404 after building

Why do I get a 404 for a record that has an Updated status? I expect that after I building the environment, I can at least see the last published version of the page since I never unpublished said record. It does show in the revision history that the previous entry still has the Published status (green dot) so that’s the version i expect to see after building the environment.

Hello @john.salvion and welcome to the community,

Can you send us over the direct record link and the request you are making to receive a 404 so we can take a closer look at it?

Thank you,

I appreciate this @m.finamor but I am not allowed to share the record link. I can, however, provide you with the page that displays 404 and a redacted screenshot of what I see in the CMS.

Page: https://www.metrobank.com.ph/articles/testf3

CMS Screenshot:

Hello @john.salvion ,

Could you email us at support@datocms.com with the exact request that is returning a 404?

Thank you