Unpublish doesn't unpublish a record

When we select unpublish from actions the record is still available for the next release of our static website. The only we can stop this from happening is to delete the record or keep it in saved mode with out publishing it…

This has been going on a while so I am wondering if this is a general bug or something we are doing incorrectly?

Hello @duygu.gozen and welcome to the community!

Its hard to say as this is probably something internal to your project, but perhaps there is a caching mechanism internal to it that is not being correctly invalidated when a record is unpublished?

A good way to check if the records are infact becoming unavailable after unpublishing, is trying to query for them on the API Explorer tab on the dashboard. If after you unpublish a record, you no longer see it as a response on the API explorer, it will guarantee that it is no longer available in the API and therefore the problem must be coming from some internal caching your project is doing

Test it out and let me know!

Thank you m.finamor!
I tested the API Explorer and indeed it is working fine. I will check our internal caching. Thank you for the tip, I’ll write back here if we have any further questions.

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