Undestanding the Video Steaminig Pricing

Hi there! :earth_asia:

We are just trying to understand whether we are calculating the costs for the client properly.
We went to Mux just to understand what do we need, and basically added the requirements which are: We have short clips 6-10seconds, which are Hero Background Videos looping.
Looking at this, its about 55 hours (20,000 page view for videos watched 100% of 10s).

And looking at DatoCMS pricing, it seems that we would need the package costing 99$ +
29$ booster.
Going to Mux the pricing is 4$ for the same quantity.
Are we looking at this wrong, we understand there is a markup due to connecting services etc etc, this just seems 4$ vs 130$.

Thank in advances!

Hey @veljko I see your point of view, and I’m aware of the problem concerning pricing with Mux. We are going to change it soon.

The problem is that you are in an unfortunate spot :frowning:

If you compare our extra packages the markup is less crazy than what you are suggesting though! We have packages of 250h of streaming for €29 and €19 for 300min of encoding.

Still the base for all this is the Professional plan, which has some traffic included.

What is probably going to happen is that we are going to give a bit more video streaming/encoding by default in the Pro plan and have smaller packages for extras. If you have suggested numbers we’ll surely consider those!

Understood! Thanks!
Client has ok’ed it. Otherwise I am guessing someone can just do some custom plugin for DatoCms and open an account with one of these media providers!

Thanks ^^ GL with the update