Unable to query modular content in the order it appears in the CMS

I’m trying to build a blog page where the user would be able to add content blocks re-order them as they please. When querying modular content blocks in my project, the same types get grouped together and I’m unable to order them in the same way they appear in the CMS when content was entered.

Hoping to get some help on if there’s a standard way to do this. I’m still new to using GraphQL too, so there’s definitely a gap in my knowledge there.

hello @ofh-datocms blocks in modular content should respect the same ordering you see in your admin interface, without grouping them by type. Are you using GatsbyJS or are you quering our graphql.datocms.com api endpoint directly?

Hi @fabrizio, thanks for replying!

I’m using Gridsome with VueJS with the @gridsome/source-datocms plugin. That plugin only allows me to query the https://site-api.datocms.com api endpoint though; I get an “Invalid Endpoint” error when I try the https://graphql.datocms.com/.