Unable to indent/outdent saved HTML in Multi-line text box

Open a content item that contains an HTML muti-line text box.
Assuming setting is enabled, you are able to create a bulleted list and can outdent and indent.
Save the content
Reload the page
Attempt outdent/indent, an error is thrown by JS library.

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thank you for this, we are working on a fix updating the RTE editor. We’ll be in touch as soon as it’s fixed

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Hi Mat, can you give us an update on the indent/outdent issue, it’s becoming an issue for us. We are a scale customer so have an expectation of 24 hr response based on your pricing page.

Hello, we have replied in 24h, but we cannot promise a change in our software in 24h, I hope you understand.

We have a change in the pipeline that might come out very soon. I’ll keep you posted

Can you set an expecation on what “very soon” might look like please?

Hi @saasadmin, @jacob.polden

We tried updating the HTML editor’s library (called TinyMCE) to the latest version to see if they fixed the bug you reported, only to find even more bugs! :pensive:

Even if it is one of the best and more customizable WYSIWYG editors around, Tiny MCE is still not capable to handle all the different use cases, simply because they are very hard to predict and manage! It is a battle that the both of us can’t win.

That is why we created our own WYSIWYG Editor, the Structured Text, that is built around DatoCMS users needs; and that is why we finally decided to stop taking into account support requests regarding the HTML editor unless they concern security updates.

If you don’t feel like using our Structured Text, you can still build your own DatoCMS plugin containing the version/configuration of TinyMCE that most suits your needs.

I hope you understand our view about this topic :slight_smile: