Trouble generating new plugin

Hi. I am following the instructions to create a new plugin. After running the generator command you go through a series of questions. I answered yes to wanting to add the plugin to my project, and was taken in to authorise. But on the next question - On which project would you like to add this to? - it’s not giving me any options and it is just stuck.
I initially did the generator and said no to adding it just now. But when I later did the yarn addToProject step I got exactly the same issue. Has anyone else had this or am I missing something?

I see this error when I just exit out:

TypeError: Cannot read property ‘value’ of undefined
at ListPrompt.getCurrentValue

Strangely if I look at my account details page it says I’ve authorized the data cms plugin generator, but it says I did so in 2018! Not sure if that’s linked to the issue.

Hi @katrina.coutts !

we just answered to your support request :wink: check the email!