Tree View Selection State

When using the tree model organisation method with a tree that goes several levels deep, the selection behaviour has an annoying quirk:

  • Select a node more than one level deep to view it
  • The node is expanded and its children are now visible
  • Select a child node


  • The child node is now selected, and all its ancestors in the tree are still expanded


  • The child node is selected and its model form is visible, but its parent collapses so the selected node is no longer visible in the tree

If you manually expand the original node using the disclosure indicator, it stays open. But at present this issue makes the tree view impossible for non-technical collaborators to use, as their content ‘keeps disappearing’.

hi @danhalliday sorry for this! I can reproduce and it looks like a bug to me. I’ve opened a ticket for the team

Thanks for reporting!

Hi @danhalliday it should be fixed now! Thank you for reporting :slight_smile:

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