Translator role add/remove language

Hi. Is there a possibility for a translator role to disable/remove option to add/edit/remove languages?

I don’t want our translator to mess around with this. Especially remove is critical.


Hello @primoz.rome

The best way to model these permissions would be something like this:
Lets say you want a translator to only be able to modify/create record in the english locale, and be unable to delete or modify other locales:

This will cause the following behaviour for the collaborator with those permissions: Screen Recording 2023-03-07 at 13.52.04

@m.finamor yeah but my role only has this permission setup:

So by default user with this role should only be able to edit German locale and not be able to add or even delete locales on a record right?

Hey @primoz.rome I cannot reproduce, can you please send me more details at ? Like the email of the translator and the URL of the record that you can modify with the translator? Thanks!

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