Track changes from one build to the next

Is there a way of tracking all the changes made within Dato from one build to the next in one list or in one place as a reading log?
We understand that individual pages have versions. However, we were after a list that shows us the updates from one build to the next.
Please advise.

@supportdesk we were hoping for a reply.
Can someone please help us?
Thanks and Kind Regards

Hello @digital1 and welcome to the community!

Sorry for the delay on this. I think the closest thing we have to this at the moment are Audit Logs. They are logs that track every change/creation/deletion of content or of schema in a project, with timestamps and detailing on by who they were done.
Using them, with a filter on the timespan between builds would get you the effect you are looking for

However, Audit Logs are a feature exclusively for Enterprise users, so if you’re interested, please contact our sales team at