Tag editor plugin on Translator roles

Hi there. We are using Tag editor plugin on fields named “tags”.

We are using DatoCMS translation roles and I have noticed that Translator editors are able to change field value also on non-translatable tags fields.

Is this something that should be submitted to the plugin developer or is in the domain of DatoCMS? Other standard fields are not editable for translator roles if fields are not enabled for entering locale…

Hello @primoz.rome , that is indeed an issue on our end. I’ll get back to you as soon as we ship an update fixing it.

Thank you for letting us know!

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Hello @primoz.rome , upon trying to save the record the editor without permission should get an error now, can you confirm this?

Will check. We just went live with the new Dato-backed global website and it’s a nut-house over here. I will report back as soon as we get out of the storm.

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@m.finamor indeed the error on Save is thrown in this case… See below.

Will this stay as is, or will the behaviour of tag field be similar to other non-translatable fields?

It will stay as this for now as it solves the issue for keeping the permissions intact, but we will look into the future to make the field non-interactable as well to have a better editor experience :slight_smile:

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