Table editor by Stefano Verna

@stefano.verna I am using your plugin for tabular data Table Editor - Plugins - DatoCMS.

Do you have or can suggest any useful utility on the front end (JS/react) to render the JSON field as a HTML table?


Hello @primoz.rome

I’m not sure this is in the lines of a recommendation that Stefano would give, but there are some packages on NPM that serve that exact purpose, like this one for example: react-json-to-table - npm that does exactly that with some minor adjustments to the JSON :slight_smile:

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Thanks @m.finamor. I will give it a try!

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Looks like the proposed react-json-to-table - npm package has problems with Next.js…

Global CSS cannot be imported from within node_modules.
Read more:
Location: node_modules/react-json-to-table/build/lib/components/JsonToTable/JsonToTable.js

I think directly installing Global CSS would mitigate that problem, but anyway, there are some other options, such as
Doing it with a simple mapping on your own: How to parse JSON Data into React Table Component ? - GeeksforGeeks
Or also some other similar packages: