SVG not displayed correctly in interface

Hey there, I have exported an SVG from figma. When opened directly in browser it works OK. But when loaded on Dato CMS the preview wont work. I assume it’s due to some properties of SVG not supported by your interface?
Note: the download link provided, when opened in browser will also work correctly.
Processing: Screenshot 2021-10-14 at 22.02.38.png…

Any idea?

hey @jb I think the screenshot didn’t upload here on Community, can you please do it again?

It’s basically transparent so not so interesting!
Processing: Screenshot 2021-10-14 at 22.02.38.png…

I have narrowed down the issue to the name Figma gives to definitions; that include a “:” badly handled. So probably not an issue for you but Figma team…
I’m using react on my frontEnd and assume you do too? Hence sharing the problem…

Yes we do use React too.

So you are fine with this?

Yes all good as it’s not on your plate :wink:
Feel free to close this ticket

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