Suggestions for response caching

working on my first dato… and first react project.

how do folks typically handle response caching. I’m working with next.js (SSR).

just looking for some suggestions on best practices so that i can start to figure this out.

if you use getStaticProp ( ) it will fetch the content only at build time effectively hitting our API only then. Then you can trigger a new build to invalidate the cache and generate a new build. What are you doing?

Using getServerSideProps. We have some components on all the pages that change daily and we will have authors contributing content throughout the day. A 12 hour cache would be nice. Rebuilding the whole site for each change seems didn’t seem like a great solution.

I see @jp thank you for the additional details.

Maybe you want to try this experimental feature that they have just launched with v9.4: “Incremental Static Regeneration” ?

Seems exactly what you are looking for, right?

Yup. Looks promising. Going to give it a shot.

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