Suggestion of a workflow for private plugins

Hey, we are currently developing some private plugins for DatoCMS to work with our internal tools.

Once configured, the private plugin run’s under a given URL. Now when we need to make changes to the plugin,
currently we are simple changing the URL in the plugin configuration to point localhost (http://localhost:3042), in order to test new features.

But this is somehow problematic since it breaks the current plugin for all user’s right? (They do not have a running instance of the the plugin at their localhost)

What’s the preferred way to handle this? Add the plugin a second time and call it “Plugin Name (DEV)”?

Creating a sandbox environment and making the change there is probably the best way!

You are right, I didn’t think of that. Always thought that plugin setting where global and not environment specific.

Do you have than a suggestion on how to handle Model (structure) changes between the master environment and the sandbox? Something like db migration do not exists or?

They do exist! Primary and sandbox environments — DatoCMS

We even have autogenerated migrations: Write and test migration scripts — DatoCMS