Structured Text - inline link not rendering properly

Hi everyone!

I’m using Structured Text on a project (amazing component btw!) and I’m running into issues rendering an inline link (wether it’s an external link or a mailto link). I’m using vue-datocms (4.0.2) & Nuxt (^2.15.8) .

Here’s how it looks in Dato, as well as the data I have on the front-end (looks to be queried correctly), and finally what is rendered in HTML :

Am I missing anything here? Thank you for your help!


Hello @bonjour and welcome to the community!

Have you taken a look at our demo right here: Nuxt.js blog - Get started with Nuxt.js in 2 minutes it shows how to render links in structured text, as you can see here: datocms-nuxt.js-travel-blog-demo-netlify-61dcen/[id].vue at master · marcelofinamorvieira/datocms-nuxt.js-travel-blog-demo-netlify-61dcen · GitHub with the end result being: Tips on How to See More and Stay Safe in Asia (the structured text with the rendered links)

Hi @m.finamor - thanks for your answer!

I did follow this guide indeed, as you can see in the screenshots, everything is quite straightforward, except the end result what should be expected - the only thing that’s different is Nuxt’s version. Could it possibly come from that, using Nuxt2 (^2.15.8) with vue-datocms (4.0.2)?

@bonjour We are not aware of any issues in that version at the moment, can you invite me (@marcelofinamorvieira on git and github) to collaborate in your repo so we can take a look at what could be happening? Thank you!

Hi @m.finamor - just invited you to the repo!

You’ll need to create an .env file if you wish to run the project locally (feel free to email me : so I can send it over privately).

Files you’ll want to look at to debug this :

  • /pages/faq
  • /components/global/RichText.vue

Thank you!

Hey @m.finamor - any news on this? Let me know if you want to schedule a quick call to troubleshoot this in a swift manner.


Just to close this topic, we ended up sorting it out via email, and releasing two new versions of vue-datocms to fix the issue, which is now patched on the most recent version of the package :slight_smile:

Thank you once again for letting us know!