Sorting on fields that need arguments to resolve is deprecated

Hi, I’ve just updated to the last version of gatsby-source-datocms.

I think that with the changes around locales, now I have warn about sorting on specific field

“The enum value “DatoCms[Model]” is deprecated. Sorting on fields that need arguments to resolve is deprecated”

Here is an example of the query

allDatoCms[Model](sort: { order: ASC, fields: name }) {

Does this mean that there is no longer any way to retrieve entities according to an alphabetical criterion, or is there a way around this that I can’t see?


Hi @jcdglsn, and welcome to the community!

Can I please ask what [Model] is in this instance? Is it a parameter you’re injecting dynamically? (Sorry, I’m not very familiar with Gatsby so it’s not clear to me what that means, but will do my best to help troubleshoot this with you!)

In our example Gatsby Blog project, for example, we have this query which seems to work without errors:

Or a similar query in the local Gatsby playground for that project:

Are you doing something different from that? Could you please share the entire query (or maybe the whole file/project, if that’s easier). You can email us at if you’d rather not share it publicly.

Thank you, and sorry for not being able to solve your issue right away, but we’ll keep looking into it!

Also pinging @matjack1 and @m.finamor here to see if they have any thoughts. There are two outstanding Gatsby issues with similar parameterization, but it doesn’t look to me like that’s something we normally use in our Gatsby projects? Any ideas?