Some models appear empty (without fields) even if they're not

Hi !

So today, a bit after the interface update, some collaborators of the website were faced with an issue (actually two).

They can’t create content because apparently there are no fields in the model. Which is wrong because there are actually fields in it and some other collaborators don’t have this issue. It’s a bit harsh because they can’t even create a page.

Second thing we found, for those same people, the list when selecting a linked record (in a Link field) is showing

  • Record #XXXXX
  • Record #XXXXX
  • Record #XXXXX

Even if the model have a proper field set as “title”. Same here, some collaborators don’t have this issue.

Tell me if you need any more informations :slightly_smiling_face:

Since today (presumably since the update), we’re getting a problem that seems very related to this.

A linked record shows as being empty on the compact field view even it is actually populated (which can be verified on the API explorer). Furthermore, on the expanded view it correctly shows the contents.

Quite scary seeing all the fields empty and clicking save!

thank you for this, we are on it!

hey @n.lory and @clement sorry about this, should be fixed now