[SOLVED] Error on Middleman build

Hi, i’m using Middleman, and suddently the build and server stopped working. Error is : block in build_collections_by_type!': undefined method singleton’ for nil:NilClass (NoMethodError)

Hi @guillaume , can you please write us through this form? Please, remember to specify your project name and also which api token you are using to build your project

Done, but I’m connecting to this project with client email. So how can I be reached directly? My email is guillaume@bauhem.com. Client email is h***.*****n@phenoswitchbioscience.com

Also, I would like this project to be reverted to Yesterday, August 26 2021. Thanks

I see your email. I’ll add you to the CCs.

I’m sorry but we cannot revert project’s data. Have you got a recent sandbox environment where you can recover your data?

No environment created. I’ll wait for your return on undefined method singleton’ for nil:NilClass bug.

Hi @guillaume we should have fixed this. Can you please confirm?

Sorry for the incovenience :frowning:

Yes, Fixed. Thanks

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