Site search for multiple domains

By reading the documentation I understand that I can only provide one website frontend URL in a build trigger which will be used for crawling and site search index creation. The project I am working on will not have paths for locales but will define the locale based on the domain. So it is the same application but will run on different domains for each locale. When I now can only put in a single URL into the build trigger how can the crawler index the other domains for the other locales?

Hi @bastianschadeberlin, and welcome to the forums!

You are correct; sorry, this isn’t something we currently have built-in support for. It might be a nice feature request?

In the meantime, there is a potential workaround: You can create multiple build triggers, one pointing to each different domain you’d like to spider. But this has several drawbacks:

  • You’d have to point them to a custom webhook, either pointing to a fake url (like http://null) or to a real endpoint that can process success & failures.
  • You have to trigger each build trigger one at a time (unless you built an external webhook that calls several other ones… i.e. that one “main” deployment webhook triggers the actual deployment and also triggers re-indexing on all the other spider-only build triggers via a bunch of API calls to the CMA)

It’s a bit of webhook ping-pong this way, unfortunately :frowning:

Thx for the feedback. I will give it a try with dedicated build triggers per domain. I also created a feature request about the topic.

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