Single Link field dropdown (references) do not show localized values

Describe the issue:

We have been having an issue which has been causing us a lot of trouble, especially to our content team since UI wise it is rather confusing,

When we have a localized node in a model (e.g buttons) and we add a block that references to that model, there is a dropdown where we can select different values.

That dropdown does not have filtered values based on the locale that is currently being edited which unfortunately which it confusing and cause build errors.


@technology, sorry I missed this earlier!

I’m afraid this isn’t functionality we currently offer, but there is a feature request for it here that you can vote on: Add locale validation to link field

In the meantime, as a workaround, might it help to manually label your titles (like [DE] test-at-only)? I know it’s clunky, and I agree that a proper solution (filtering by the same locale) would be useful.

Thank you for coming back to this @roger!

We already voted for this feature request as it would be very nice to have that filtering.
As a workaround for now, we built a Slack integration that warns our content team about the usage of models with missing locales. :raised_hands:

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