Show alternative text on preview of asset


On one of our model we have one “Structured text” field named “body”. On that structured text field we have added one block model(named “Image block”) on the part: “Specify the blocks allowed in this field”.

On that block model(named “Image block”) we have only one field of type “Single asset”.

If we add image through that block model named “Image block” on body, then a preview is shown. On the single asset we have “Title” and “Alternative text”. Can we control to show “Alternative text” below the preview on the body?

Jyotirmoy Biswas

Hello @jyoti

Yes, but you will have to use the CMA to do that:

Here is how to update an upload: Update an upload - Upload - Content Management API

In your case, you would like to update the “alt” parameter of the asset, under the metadata


Sorry for the confusion. I do not want to update the alt text. I want to show the alt text below the image for the editors:

Currently it is showing the title text.

Jyotirmoy Biswas

@jyoti thank you for clearing that up!

Unfortunately, the only way to change that text is to change the title.
To change the title, you will do that very same update request through the CMA, but instead of updating the alt, you would update the title parameter.
As a side note, if a title is not specified, the alt will be used as the caption