Server side pagination with datoCMS graphQL API

Is possible to paginate the application using datoCMS graphQL API and next Js?

Hello @muhammad.shoaib

By pagination do you mean creating several front-end pages based on dato records, or breaking down query responses into several pages?

If you want to paginate query responses you can do so by following this documentation page: Content Delivery API - Pagination - DatoCMS Docs

If you want to create several pages on next based on DatoCMS records, you can do so by using dynamic routes on NextJS and coupling them with a slug field in your Dato project, to create the dynamic paths.
We have an example that does exactly that with NextJS, creating pages of all “post” records, you can see the Dato project, and the NextJS code right here: GitHub - datocms/nextjs-demo: Next.js powered blog with DatoCMS integration
More specifically, you can see how we did this dynamic page generation based on slugs in this file: nextjs-demo/[slug].js at master · datocms/nextjs-demo · GitHub