SEO Slug without a title

I’m creating a page without an explicit title field and would like to add an SEO slug. I can’t seem to do it because it requires a reference field. How do I create a manual slug?

Hello @cedric

Unfortunately that isn’t possible at the moment, but you if you think that would be a nice addition, you can create a feature request here: ✋ Feature requests - DatoCMS community

This way we can track the community interest on this feature :slight_smile:

Thanks! I created a feature request: Allow SEO slug fields without a title - :raised_hand: Feature requests - DatoCMS community

@cedric have you thought about adding a plain text field with a custom validation like [a-zA-Z0-9-_] (or more complex)? Then you can make it unique and it’s very similar to the slug concept, what do you think?

Not a bad way to do it. I can also just add a title field and not worry too much about it. There are lots of simple workarounds to this thankfully :slight_smile:

I was mostly asking b/c it seemed like an odd restriction and I wanted to make sure I wasn’t missing something.