Saving unchanged content via keyboard crashes UI

If you open a record and hit ⌘-S before you’ve changed anything, you’ll crash the UI, and will have to go back to the content list and reenable any filters you were using, etc.

Should be as simple as building in a check for changes when ⌘-S is invoked, I’d imagine

Hello @chowells

I couldn’t reproduce this issue locally on chrome, can you send us the browser version and OS you are using?

Thank you!

It was a bit tricky to reproduce – you have to open a record and immediately hit command-S (since there’s no bulk editing, I do this a lot by accident :sweat_smile: ). I managed to trigger it and here’s an error ID for you:


macOS 12.4 (21F79)
Chrome 102.0.5005.61

Thank you @chowells!

I was able to reproduce it now.
I’ve contacted the development team and i’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

Thank you for letting us know :slight_smile:

Sure thing – it’s a pretty minor bug but nice to help out!

By the way, are there other keyboard shortcuts other than saving or searching? Those are the only two I could find

We need to add a doc page for the shortcuts, thanks! We’ll do :slight_smile:

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