Saving Plugin with Development Mode Off

I am trying to make changes to a private plugin in DatoCMS, and I’m unable to save changes because the “Development Mode” field is required.

I can save the plugin with Development Mode enabled, but I cannot save it with Development Mode disabled.

Here is the API response:

    "data": [
            "id": "306dbb",
            "type": "api_error",
            "attributes": {
                "code": "INVALID_FIELD",
                "details": {
                    "field": "parameters.developmentMode",
                    "code": "VALIDATION_REQUIRED"

Hi @Joshua.Evenson thanks for reporting this! I’ll open a bug issue for the team and I’ll keep you updated

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Hi @Joshua.Evenson ! Thanks for your report!

Most probably you set the developmentMode parameter to "required": true when configuring your plugin, that means that you can never set it to false.

Unfortunately you cannot edit custom DatoCMS plugins parameter definitions, so I suggest deleting your plugin and create a new one without the "required": true.

Ha that’s exactly it.

To me, that still seems like a bug, because required: true on a boolean field could enforce a true or false value, while disallowing null or undefined. That’s just my two cents.

Thanks for the help!

Hi @Joshua.Evenson, the issue should now be solved! Sorry for the delay, and thanks for reporting this!