Saving a record on nth page returns to page 1

I have a model that has 7 pages of records. I am currently going through them to update each record to use Structured Text.

But, if I am on page 4 and click “Save”, while it stays on the current record, it resets my page to page 1. That means I have to navigate all the way back to my page to be able to get to the next record.

It seems like saving a record should not reset the page parameter.


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Hello @dewyze

You’re right, it does make sense for the default ordering (last updated first) as it “follows the record” to the first page, but it does not make sense for the other record orderings.

I’ve contacted the dev team to solve this and i’ll get back to you as soon as it is solved,
Thank you for letting us know!

Hi @dewyze, we just fixed it! Thanks for reporting :smiley: