Sandbox Webhooks also apply to Primary environment

To replicate:

  1. Make a new Dato site.
  2. Make a new Sandbox env.
  3. Switch to Sandbox env.
  4. Make a webhook.
  5. DON’T promote your Sandbox env to Primary.
  6. Switch to Primary.

Your webhook that was supposed to be sandboxed is live in your Primary env.

I would like to be able to test webhooks out in a Sandbox. :frowning:

I also feel like this kind of behavior is unexpected and therefore a bit dangerous.

Hello @corysimmons,

the webhooks are not per-environment, but you can trigger them on a per-environment basis:


The part that changes with the environment is only this one:


We have thought that webhooks, build triggers and permissions were more stable across environments or it was better to manage them all at once so at a glance you can know all the settings of your project. Hope it makes sense?