Safari - Can't view PDFs from


We’re experiencing problems in Safari with viewing PDFs that are uploaded/hosted on DatoCMS.

Our guess is that it’s a problem with the domain or when uploading/parsing the PDF.s We have tested the following but still no luck:

  • Safari 13 & 14 (both on local computers and through BrowserStack).
  • Tested on different websites using DatoCMS, but with different setups (Middleman or Next.js), both websites linking to a PDF on
  • Viewing/linking to PDFs works on other websites not using DatoCMS on the different Safari versions, i.e. no problem with Safari or the PDF plugin in Safari
  • Opening PDFs hosted on DatoCMS directly trough the browser’s address bar don’t work either.
  • Uploaded PDFs, that we know works on other websites, to DatoCMS and unable to view them.

Is there are known problem or any on else experiencing the same problem?


Hello @dev6

We just shipped a fix for this!
Cleaning your cache and reloading the PDF into safari should open it normally now.

Thank you for letting us know!

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