Revert removing relationship btw 2 models

I have 2 models blogs and blog_tag, in my blogs model, I have a field tags that is referencing blog_tag. I accidentally removed the reference since i thought i was working on a new identical model. Now all my blogs don’t have the corresponding tags, is there a way to undo that change or readd them without going one by one?

Hello @hrivas and welcome to the community,

If you simply removed the reference on a record level, you can use the revision history of the record on its sidebar to restore a previous version. However if you removed the reference on a model level, changing the schema, then you’d have to have implemented a backup solution to be able to restore the previous values.
To avoid this happening in the future:

A very easy to implement and easy to restore automatic backup solution is the following plugin: Automatic environment backups - Plugins - DatoCMS
That allows you to have automatic daily and weekly backups of your project, that can be restored by simply promoving an environment in a single click

You can also export your dato content by following this Import and export content - Exporting data and backups - DatoCMS Docs
Or by using this plugin Project Exporter - Plugins - DatoCMS
However importing that kind of exported backup data is more complex, as you’d need to map the content to the schema by designing your own import script